Zambian musician Bruce Simbwalanga, also known as B1, has said Malawi scores high in music compared to Zambia in terms of content. The Zambian musician acknolwdged that only geographical borders separated Malawi and Zambia, but they have a lot in common as far as language, customs, and culture go. He cited the music of Skeffa Chimoto, Joseph Nkasa, Fredokiss and soldier, Lucius Banda as being popular and widely enjoyed all over Zambia in the same vein that Zambian music is enjoyed in Malawi. He however said that Zambian music is more about issues like romance whereas Malawian songs dwell more on in-depth issues like economics and social politics.

“For Zambians, our focus is not mainly on deep issues, but simple messages that mean something to listeners and we do it better in romantic issues,” said the Zambian B1.

B1 made his name with his first album Chipute and maintained his fame in the  albums Pillow and Perfecto. Meanwhile, the artist has announced that he is in the process of working with some Malawian artists in his next songs as a means of promoting each other.

The Zambian artist is expected to perform in October at the Sand Festival in Mangochi.

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