Junior C isn’t playing games as he releases a hard hitting single from the upcoming “The Junior Cee Project” mixtape. Mkazi Opanda Nzeru finds the former Likoma Island rapper going hard and delivering a real message over a well-produced trap beat. According to Junior C, the mixtape is finished and will be released first week of February, 10 days after the release of the video which will be shot from the 19th to the 26th of January 2014.
Born Mphatso Chaluluka in Blantyre, Malawi – Junior Cee started rapping in the 1990s. He had been a force to reckon with in the Rap n Ragga battles of the 90s, battling against the likes of Criminal A, Takkie T and Twisty Gee. After 2000, Junior Cee ganged up with Dogman, Cee2, and Rashiz to steer one of the pioneer hip-hop outfits in Malawi – The Likoma Island. With Likoma Island, they released heavy hits like Phwando La Dzulo, Tikuthokoza, Kale Kale, and Zomwe Timapanga.
If the leading single is anything to go by, “The Junior Cee Project” should see Junior Cee re-establish himself at the top of the Malawian and African rap game.

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