The past thirty days have been nothing but explosive in the Malawian music industry. Before we even get to talk about the first ever MAM music awards, the music that has been released in the past couple of weeks and the events surrounding the releases have been nothing short of spectacular. If this is anything to go by, then 2014 is the year we should all look forward to Malawian music making a major mark on the African scene.
It all started with Lucius Banda and Maskal releasing two hot songs, “Wabadwa” and “The Way You Are” within days of each other. Please believe it when I say that, that week, the “Malawian internet nearly crashed“! Malawian music lovers simply could not believe it. Then in Area 18B one man was even reported to have sold his brothers shirt in order to buy units so that he could download dance hall artist Malinga Mafia’s new song “Badman pa Facebook”!

Then Prime Time rapper Gwamba who has taken the rap scene by storm then released “Ndiyima Pachulu ft Bucci” only to add more fuel to the Malawian music party. In less than 48 hours the song hit the top of the downloads charts. With “Bola Kusache ft Nes Nes” still hot, Gwamba delivered a quick 1-2 to knock out the thirst that music fans have suffered as the music fraternity wait with baited breath for his much anticipated debut album. Following the release of Gwamba, veteran rap heavyweight and O.G, Junior Cee released “Mkazi Wopanda Nzeru“. The former Likoma Island heavy hitter known for the classic “Phwando Ladzulo” amongst many others, took his flow over a heavy trap beat to deliver a rap performance rarely seen from Malawian rappers (some of whom are just plain lazy and only rap to look cool).

While John Chilembwe Day was meant to be a holiday, Malawian music fans were not given the chance to rest on that day as Fredokiss released “Sindikwatila“. Instead of resting, the dancing continued across the country and the continent. A music fan at Zodetsa when questioned about the music onslaught could only sing Nes Nes’ song “Its not Fair” in response before breaking out into an uncontrollable dance while other patrons cheered and whistled at his wild dancing antics. A “friend” later rewarded him with some boiled Chicken and “Kambuzi” to restore his energy which he ate while listening to Blakjak’s “Manda a Nkhuku“.

As once said by an old man from Nyasaland, “after the dancing comes comes the laughter!”, Josephy Nkasa was nominated for best Reggae/Dancehall Artist in the MAM awards. Facebook comments were filled with “kkkkiki!” and general uproar! As we went to press, the issue had not yet be cleared with many saying his genre is just “local”. The “Mose wa Lero” star whose latest hit was “Kulira Kwa Amphawi” could not however be reached for comment as his phone went unanswered.

All in all it’s been a good start to the new year for Malawian music and we can only hope the standards keep being raised. Enjoy!

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