Peter Mawanga and the Amaravi band are in Glasgow Scotland where they are scheduled for a Celtic Connections performance.
“We knew all about Glasgow from about the age of eight, from our history classes where we learned about the great Doctor Livingstone. It’s so exciting to be here and we are so honoured to be part of this festival.”
Peter and the Amaravi Movement will join performers from other parts of Africa, India and the Balkans in bringing an international flavour to the traditionally Celtic folk festival.
While many other Malawian musicians play reggae or other musical styles, Peter and his band are inspired by traditional Malawian rhythms and feature traditional instrumentation such as the marimba and thumb-piano alongside their rocky rhythm base.
Now in its 21st year, Celtic Connections 2014 is showcasing more world music than ever before as Glasgow celebrates the coming of the Commonwealth Games to the city.
The festival has stretched out its arms and intends to open our ears to some of the most talented musicians from across the globe, highlighting elements of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural programme.

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