Happy Valentines Day from the Soul Raiders Band as they release a Valentine single for all the lovers out there.

Soul Raiders yet to be titled album has 12 songs. The album is expected to arrive between March and April 2014, almost exactly two years since the release of “Angels”, the band’s debut album. It features deeper, thoughtful, creative and stronger lyrical content and matured beat arrangements. While staying loyal to their #reggae genre, Soul Raiders’ new album has it all to appeal to reggae fanatics of classic old school Jimmy Cliff, Don Carlos, Bob Marley and new generation of Morgan Heritage, Tarrus Riley, Duane Stephenson. On their new album, Soul Raiders are working with respected urban producer ProPee hence it promises more alternative sound with a pinch of R&B and extra urban music spices.

The new albums lyrical themes are centred around the common man’s deep conscious, and are hard-hitting on political, latter-day religious, and social living issues.

Lookout for the new album which promises to be a thriller.

Expected surprises: The album is set to feature a Malawi Music Awards winner and a finalist of Sunbird Search for a Star.

Enjoy the Valentine single here>> http://m.malawi-music.com/1538_valentines/

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