Its Over is Third Eye’s 7th album produced by D1. The album was released on 6th July 2014 while Malawians across the world were celebrating the 50th year anniversary of Malawi’s Independence. The album features the likes of; D1, Young Kay, Kananji and Naseelah. A music compilation which Third eye describes as an addition in the “Free Music for free people” catalogue. To give you a quick background of where Third Eye was emotionally and musically at the release of this album so that you can understand the type of pressure that could have resulted to the album being named “Its Over”, On 4th May 2014, 16 days right before the Malawi 2014 tripartite election Third Eye released a song for the running party at that time People’s party, full of appraisal and political “propaganda” for its leader Joyce Banda. Unfortunately only to find out a few weeks later that another political party DPP won the election. As a result critics started coming out in blogs and on the social media that it was over for Third Eye. Hence the album being titled “its over” while the cover of the actual cd is seen a response to that period for Third EYE which clearly states that its not over until the fat lady sings.

The album starts of with a high dosage of energetic instrumentation titled start the engine at position 1, a track which does not give away too much about the rest of the album but definitely signifies the importance of this album and its uniqueness in the sense of; what sets it apart from previous Third Eye albums with bars like “I am home in the underground”, starting from this track you will definitely know Third and D1 is up to something on this album. Followed by track 2; Stamina – the beat samples Nasir Jones (Nas) vocals in the back, on this D1 production. Third Eye opens up in this track by calling out his fans and showcasing a lyrical form of appreciation with lyrics like “Tonight being Third Eye is the dopest feeling ever.”

Track 3. Declare Your Height – Third takes confrontational approach, jumping out of the track lines ready to die for hip-hop. Notably the chorus emphases this requesting declaring your height as far as how tall is tall while Third sings “you talk giant but walk midget – now its time to stand in line and declared you height.” Its not doubt that if you are first time listener of Third Eye music by the time you are on track number 3 you are quite aware of the lyrical skills instilled in this artist and his capability to write atomic bombs without a sense of hesitation. Third Eye makes social commentary as if he knew before that Germany was going to win the 2014 Fifa world cup by saying his class is in the Mercedes class, and its for the listener to choose which one A class, C-class ML or…

Track 4 and 5 were released as singles and we will not cover these songs in this review but rather let the download numbers be proof of what type of heat you can expect in these tracks namely, Home-town and Your Song. All on a D1 production which is responsible for the entire album.

Track 6 . All Said And Done ft Kananji and Dominant One – Third welcomes his L-City companions by delivering first verse of the song, a track that reminds you of music made by revolutionary hip-hop band Dead Prez. Attracting the likes of Kananji to jump on the second verse and claim trophies that been owed to such a combo of legendary Malawian hip-hop artistry. Kananji defines his presence in this track by spitting world class bars that include lines like “survival of the fittest, me and my ni**az have been here”. As the track was not already crying for mercy, the creator of the beat D1 joins in the third verse feeling ahead of his time like Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back in terminator 6 to do justice to his own beat for collateral damage. The songs is remembered by metaphoric lines that go as far as “ego so big need a airport for landing it” . The chorus of the song is special too, a track that will be loved by all hip-hop lovers out there.

7. I am Not – Warfare tactics, some thing like Sun Tzu’s art of war, Track 7 comes in to create a climax for the album, it takes a different approach from all other songs which leaves the listner waiting for something epic in the next song namely “The Anthem”, track 8 is as the title says an anthem, an anthem for the “Have-Nots” – A lot of worrying in the song, an encouraging song for the people of Malawi, a country which its majority lives in poverty. Third Eye uses metaphors like “I’ not a test-tube baby, born in a beaker” to give pictorial sense of the difference between the African culture and the Western culture. At the end he assures his listeners that he will not stop talking about it until the “have nots” finally “have”.

Smile Mama ft MC, Young Kay and Naseelah is the most played song in the album online, simply because its very notable from the title to the feature of Young Kay. Young Kay has remained on top of the game since his introduction and gaining respect from professionals like Dj Kenny Klips, he remains the undisputed champ of Malawian hip-hop. Hearing Third Eye in a song with Young Kay it s a blessing in its own and just to spice it up the beautiful Naseelah completes this musical masterpiece inclusive in this free album.

Third Eye celebrated 50 years of Independence for Malawi with this new album. The album title “Its Over” was released on Sunday, 6th July 2014. It features the likes of; D1, Young Kay, Kananji and Naseelah. Enjoy “Free Music for free people”!

1 . Start The Engine –
2 . Stamina –
3 . Declare Your Height –
4 . Your Song ft Thokozanie –
5 . Home Town –
6 . All Said And Done ft Kananji and Dominant One –
7 . I am Not –
8 . The Anthem –
9 . Smile Mama ft MC, Young Kay and Naseelah –
10 . My Light ft Abraham –
11 . Life Is Like Moyes –
12 . Its Over –

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