King Chambiecco

Dancehall Artist, King Chambiecco has joined several voices blasting Blantyre Water Board and Escom for their incompetence in his latest singles, Blackout again. As if that is not enough, Chambiecco, as poor people activist, chants down Cash gate in Gate man.

In Blackout Again, Chambiecco blasts Blantyre Water Bard for water outage and takes a swipe at state-owned power producing company, Escom for the blackouts.
In Gate man, he sings about a man who has left his home village and goes to Lilongwe looking for a job at
Capital Hill to work as a Security Guard (Gate man) after hearing that there is a lot of ‘cash’ at the Capital
Hill so he wants to work at the gate.
One common feature in these two singles is Chambiecco’s unique skill in singing with ease, poetic lines and energetic delivery

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