Neighbor’s daughter is yet another hit single from Blaze. After featuring in Gwamba’s Mother’s day special ‘Mama’ Blaze has been busy in the studio working on his upcoming album which is yet to be named.

Blaze 2
The neighbour’s daughter artist taking a photoshot

The riddim by Trumel and voiced by Janta of Sungununu Record, is all about a guy who falls in love with his neighbor’s daughter and is willing take his chances just to be with the pretty girl.

Commenting on the singer’s newly released song, Bensam Entertainment manager, Ben Sam said that the reggae artist is gearing up for a forthcoming album and he promised fans that its worth looking up to because it will come with a bang. he continued by saying that ‘Neighbor’s daughter’ is just a needle in a haystack.

Blaze real name Blessings Gwengwe, is currently a student at Malawi College of Accountancy (MCA), Blantyre campus.


December is serving up some of the year’s best tunes, so sit back and listen to Neighbour’s Daughter here

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