Macadamia Entertainment has done it again, this time with a song against all kinds of abuses in Malawi. The song, done by Evanz Muzik, the record’s signed artist was produced at TR Sound Lab, and was co- executive produced by Boi Deshawn, a Malawian producer based in Kenya.

“Misonzi” is an acoustic-hip-hop song that tells a moving story of what victims of various abuses in Malawi face, and breaking the silence on abuse and domestic violence.

The song has been released as part of the 16 days of activism against violence. The song’s earlier version won in the Music “Project April 2014” category of “Most Skillful Hip-hop” earlier this year.

Asked on what motivated the artist to dedicate the song to abuses activism, he answered by saying “it’s about time urban music artist take part in many pressing issues in Malawi. Many people think urban music is only associated with violence and lifestyle related issues, but I as an artist would like to prove them wrong, that is why I have dedicated this song to raise awareness against various violence”

The 16 Days Campaign is an international campaign that started in 1991. Since then, over 5,179 groups in 187 countries have taken part.

The 16 Days Campaign is successful because of the support of people in local communities and organizations nationwide, raising more awareness of the issue of domestic violence in our communities each year.

The 16 Days Campaign provides us all-community groups, students, rape crisis centers and domestic violence support services, political pressure groups and individual activists, each and every one of us-with the opportunity to break the silence around domestic violence. By organizing events in our local communities that highlight the issue of domestic violence and promote the services available for women, we make the issue visible, we give hope to women who are suffering and we hold perpetrators of abuse to account.

Evanz Muzik is yet to release another song titled ‘Friendzone’ within the week. “Friendzone”, is a song about why the artist has been in the popular “Friendzone” with a young female for a long time, and promises to be a hit as it relates to a popular trend in the social scene of being “Friendzoned”. Friendzone was produced by renowned producer, Blak Falcon Bird (BFB) at Exclusive studios in Lilongwe.

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