Famous RnB/Afro-Soul singer/songwriter, Kumbu, drops the secular life. He is letting people know he in now representing God in his music. We can verify this by checking out the two new singles he recently released called “Mtima Wanga” and “Sanalole“.

Kumbu says he did not turn to the gospel genre for the money, stating that it wasn’t tough for him to make it as a secular artist. He is although still receiving criticism from a number of individuals for his decision.

Having grown up in a christian family and also very familiar with the way of God, he says he lost his path at some point and compromised a lot. But now Kumbu states that he is done compromising and is going to fully use his God-given talent  to serve the Lord only.


He currently has two gospel sounds out and is soon going to reveal the name of his upcoming gospel album.

Download the new songs via Malawi-Music here >>

1. Mtima Wanga

2. Sanalole


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