Faith Mussa who recently be-wedded his long time girlfriend.

Faith Mussa and his team have expressed anger over a newly released song released by Athot Manje, an underground dance hall artist who has recently been making leeway in Area 25, Lilongwe.  Faith Mussa and team have contacted to remove Athot Manje’s recent song titled “Desparate”.  Mussa’s team wrote the song was a direct Copyright Infringement case by the artist (Athot Manje), Who made no attempt to source clearance for the Original “Desparate”  song which was wrote and performed by Faith Mussa years back.  Desperate was one of the songs that brought Faith Mussa out as a solo artist and coming from a family of musician Mussa has always been careful about how his music and the people who distribute it and this came as no surprise to who have confirmed and removed the song from their database which operates by following the rules specified in Copyright Act of 1968 (Cth).

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