As days are getting close to the 30th, when the dancehall artist Provoice is set to unleash his masterpiece EP called Warrior, which the artist disclosed that its a dedication to his late father, Provoice has today revealed a song that is set to take many by surprise. He revealed the song to be Upite which features a sensational singjay by the name Saint.

Upite is a song talking about a fed up relationship. There is a guy who once had money and everything but when problems arose the woman decided to leave, so Upite is telling the woman ‘go!’ but rather promises to get her back when the situation stabilizes” he said.

Upite is set to drop on the 30th of August and its part of the Warrior EP package. In an interview Provoice revealed that his EP is a tribute to his dad who passed away in 2009.

The Namwali hit maker further said warrior is trying to look back at the days he became the bread winner of the house after loosing the main provider. “When I lost my dad on the 30th of August all the responsibilities over my little one and our family as a whole came to me and then I started to live life like a warrior” he said. “My dad passing away on 30 August that is the reason I will drop the Warrior EP on the very same date” he added.

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