#NP Amaro X Famous – Yonce http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=4967
Orama Wambali AKA Amaro and Wyllie kondwani Chilunga AKA Famous are two young musicians based in Blantyre Malawi. Both signed to two different labels but currently affiliated and working on a few projects together as a Tag Team Duo and Going by the name Amaro X Famous, and is mostly produced by famous.
Amaro who is Orama wambali born on 8th of April 1993, is a musician signed to the label FOE Records.
He generalizes in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre, and he is not only a rapper but a composer and a graduate engineer from Unima’s polytechnic university.
Famous who is Wyllie kondwani Chilunga born on 13th December 1993 is a Musician/Producer/Sound Engineer who works under FlyFactory Records Label which he founded or co/Owns along with long time friend NgwaziMagic (formerly known as Boymagic/Flyboy Gypsy) and is also Co-Signed to Piksy’s Langwan Movement Label as an Artist and Producer/Sound engineer and handles most of the audio product from the label mates and langwan Movement Band. He generalizes in Rnb/Pop and Hip-hop Rap genres. He is also a college student as we speak and just transferred from both university where he was studying BsC in mobile computing to Mca as of early this year due to personal complications.
Amaro X Famous is a product between the affiliation between FOE and Fly Factory Record/Langwani Movement in quest to set new standards to Malawian music and is notable in the current explosive projects being cooked up by the two which have been garnering comments from people as Music for the world and music that does not just sound like its Malawian.
#NP Amaro X Famous – Yonce http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=4967

Amaro X Famous - Yonce
Amaro X Famous – Yonce

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