Malawi’s well known music website, recently released a Best of compilation of music dating as back as 2010. The website which launched in 2010 has since been a growing brand of quality entertainment in Malawi and across the globe.

With a distribution of over 20 Million songs through downloads, the website continues to promote Malawian culture and artistry. On 1st May 2016 the website introduced a Music Store, similar to that of Apple Music and Dezzer, where music lovers from across the world can support Malawian musicians by purchasing their songs through the easy payment systems. Hence dividing the website into two parts; One area for free download and One area for Premium songs.

The recent “Best Of” compilation is mostly a compilation of free songs. But if you are like us you and listened to all 6 compilations dating from 2010 -2016 which some hold over 90 songs, you will also notice some songs which were free before and have now been moved to the store.

You can stream and download the “Best Of” Playlists from with the links below:

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