The sweet song Wadutsa Pompa that was brought into the world by the twins who regard themselves as W Twice has now turned to a bitter taste following its remix as it continues to break people apart.

The original version that features the Na Lero hit maker Nepman, came out last year and made noise in zinkhoswe and in weddings as it was the most requested song especially by women since it falls into a category of songs that one cannot restrain from shaking their body.

Anyway, the first version passed but due to the morale it had some female rappers couldn`t hold their patience but to remix the song.

Now that`s what have made me to drop whatever I was doing and jot a little something here.

In the remix, (Ndadutsa Pompo) we saw new names like that of Ewe, Danish, En Weezy, Kwin b and Fortune.

And so as the original version did made noise, the remix also did the same. One just can’t tell whether the hype was generated by the first version of the track but what matters is the noise it made.

The success of the remix brought in quarrels especially between Fortune and Kwin b as they were fighting over the ownership of the song.

 Fortune and Kwin b
Fortune and Kwin b

Well, that was not the first incident of that kind in 2016 because we also witnessed the same type of quarrel between two male artists who even went as far as throwing jabs at each other on social media over the ownership of a song.

What has now shocked people is that, the video to the remix (Ndadutsa Pompo) is out but one verse that belonged to Fortune is missing in the video.

It is evident enough to tell that this has emerged to be so as a result of their argument hence the verse has been trimmed purposely from the video.

Fortune, whose verse was cut in the video said the story emerged when Kwin b started attending TV interviews and spreading rumors as if the song was hers alone yet they had agreed to pay equally for the video to Platinum who shot it.

That made En Weezy, who also was in the song to declare that she will not pay the money she was supposed to pay following Kwin b`s selfish behavior.

Fortune continued to say, “I told platinum not to release the video until our differences are solved but he disobeyed by giving Kwin b the video behind us. He requested the balances we had left with him and after we paid he told us to go and sue anywhere else if we had complaints since he already had handed the video to Kwin b”.

“I blame it on Platinum because if he had listened to me this could not have happened”. She said.


i want peace - Fortune
i want peace – Fortune

“All I wanted was for us to work as a team of strong ladies…not selfish ones. I did not call the girls so that we should estimate each others fame. I wanted us to work together and make our fellow ladies proud of us, but what is this?? Zozimva kuti i am more famous than them, they are nothing to me, I will do this alone coz zinthuzo zathano mzomwe sindinagwirizane nazo.

She needed us kuti we should pay kwa platinum, after we paid mkumatipangaso chipongwe mkumaanamiza anthu kuti tinakanika kupereka olo one tambala”   fortune claimed.

The last time Kwin b was heard through a voice note on whatsapp that she was  to premier the video to her song Ndadutsa Pompo on TV stations.

In her speech, Fortune said Kwin b was not supposed to brag more about the video even if the money contribution issue was to be concerned because it was Ewe who contributed a lot but she chose to stay out of this.

claims ownership - Kwin b
Kwin b – claims ownership

Kwin b was also heard through whatsapp voice note saying fortune only had an idea but she did not know how to go about it.

Fortune concluded to say that she wants all the girls to unite and push music furthermore together. She said she has no grudges held against anybody.

However, Wiza of W Twice said this argument is just a waste of time since the song in mention is just a cover to their original song and none of the girls own the song.

the argument is just a waste of time - W Twice
the argument is just a waste of time – W Twice


“aah zimangondigwetsa mphwayi moti azipanga za tsogolo apa azingolimbana zanyimbo yakalekale”. Wiza said.

He warned that, them (W-Twice) can rise and take full charge of the remix too since it is theirs.

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