As you must have heard about the tune ChekeCheke Thwa by W-Twice that dropped in 2013.

Unless you don’t follow the ten commandments in the bible especially the ninth one that warned “do no lie” then you would say you have never heard about “Wadutsa Pompa” by the twins that came out just last year.

Well, that is old news now since most of you are living life in the fast lane.

The twins are back in 2017 and they have decided to top up their game by featuring the Zambian star Chimzy Kelly.

The Mwanakazi Nikumbuyo star is featured in this club banger “chaphwanya” a song that compliments how girls in the club have dressed, their looks and how they are shaking their body.

Champhwanya, produced by Chimzy Kelly is expected to be released on the 13th of this month.

Get your bundles ready as your earsĀ  awaits to be entertained by the new sounds of w- Twice.

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