After storming Malawian Tv channels with the music video “We here”; which was dubbed by critics to be on of the best in 2016, the rapper Haso released a new song called “Get Paid” on Monday.

In an interview Haso explained that the song marks the rebirth of Malawian hip hop music. However, Haso has promised his music lovers to wait for good music this year and promises not to disappoint “I am now back fully, and I have prepared many songs for my music followers that will never disappoint their urge for real hip hop”, he added.

“Get paid talks about our daily hustles, be it jobs, businesses or whatever brings money to you, I am just reminding the people never to lose composure when it comes to hustling for all they want is to get paid”, Haso further explained the song. Haso became known in the music scenes in 2009 and has featured Various well known musicians before going on a break in 2010.

Get paid is Haso’s first release this year and is picking up from his last video release from late 2016.

Download the song here

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