The song Ndinakakhala judge came out with its controversies in the music industry that had led to causing debates especially among those that follow urban music in communications platforms like whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and even in the streets.

This 2 minutes and 44 seconds song needs a sharp ear that is good enough to capture words and a brain deep enough to brainstorm concepts in as far as poetry is in concern.

Maybe that is why only a few people got what Suffix Ghambi was trying to mean.

In this song “Ndinakakhala judge” suffix tackled on different evil things happening in our society like same sex marriages, albino killings and of course he was also distressed with the havoc the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram caused not long ago.



At some point, he mentioned about being in the same song with secular artists and as well as attending secular music live shows.  “zomapanga feature ma secular artist munyimbo/ mkona ku show ya secular ine sindingapiteko”   he said.

Well, from only these two lines Malawi made stories that could be more than enough to have been  compiled to a whole full novel.

We have heard people saying Suffix was throwing jabs at someone, while others claimed those were just fair lines with no strings attached. The third party who had tried to reason but still couldn’t get through to the concept was just surprised and wondered if Suffix was still in his normal senses.

Why would he say he can’t attend secular shows yet we have been attending secular shows of which he was among artists to perform? That is the long term question that others had to Suffix.

However Suffix himself has blasted all those claims through a dialogue with Malawi Music .Com by calling them false claims.

He said Ndinakakhala Judge is a clean and a fair song and for that reason it has nothing to do with anyone. It did not target any gospel artist or secular artist rather it’s a song about a Christian who seem not to get the point as to why God is also being gracious to those people who engage themselves in evil works of Satan instead of destroying them.

He said, “The joint is in abstract form. It is about a Christian who is frustrated with what is happening in the world and questioning God why he seems not to be concerned with what is going on in the confusion like, why is God not punishing gays? If God really hates evil why is he overlooking the sins of humankind? But in the end, the christian realizes how sinful he is also and how merciful and patient God is with him.”

“Now he pleads with God that he should learn to be patient with others who are not saved yet.” Suffix cleared out.

Suffix described himself as one of those Christians who passed in the same situations where one would say he`s holy enough and still wonders why God is also being merciful with people who are taken by worldly things.

He said he`s had that feeling until one day his church pastor preached about it in their church and that inspired him to compose Ndinakakhala Judge song after he felt guilty.

He also testified that most of his songs are inspired by the preachings of his church pastor.

One of those is Exhibit A which is in the same EP with Ndinakakhala Judge.

Dthrone EP album cover
Dethrone EP album cover


Exhibit A is about Christians who kind of discriminate others due to their statuses, whether being financial status, family status and etc. He said by doing so, it means you are implanting laws into Christian life to protect you from associating with people of low profile than you are.

Just months ago there were rumours that Suffix and Gwamba had something that smelled like beef going on over Gwamba`s “Heaven” instrumental which was made by marques of the Daredevils with the effort of Suffix.

Gwamba was thought to have had beef with Suffix
Gwamba was thought to have had beef with Suffix

It turned out that Classic was the one who jumped on the song with the owner Gwamba instead of Suffix whom Gwamba had earlier communicated with.

Just this Monday, Gwamba released a new song titled “Ndinampeza” which features Suffix himself and secular rapper Martse.

In this song, Suffix tried to enlighten furthermore on his Ndinakakhala Judge Song through his first 4 bars.

He rapped, “Ndinakakhala judge, funny how ena samaimvetsetsadi/ ati zitheka bwanji gwamba, martse kuimba ndi suffix? / kumapeto kwa joint ija mkomwe kuli nkhani”.

According to the lineup of artists in the song one would be quick to judge that it was a deliberate move to cover all what has been said about Suffix and Gwamba having a beef, and Suffix not being in the same track with a secular artist whom in this song was Martse.

Here is what Suffix said about that. “The collabo has nothing to do with proving a point that I can jump on a joint with secular artists”.

“As an artist, most importantly as a Christian I have principals one being…I can jump on a secular artist`s song depending on the concept and my conscious as a Christian. I think I mentioned a lot of touchy issues in that joint for instance, Ndinakakhala judge ndikanaotcha ma gay onse and anthu ondisaiza. So I wonder why people freaked out because of that secular issue line’’.

He added, “This other day I was invited at a poly urban music show where there were artists like Martse,  Tay Grin and etc. That was before my tune in mention was released. Now some my fellow believers questioned my move saying, if it was them sakanapita  chifukwa sangaimbe limodzi ndi wa secular “

Meanwhile, Suffix has cautioned fellow gospel artists that they need to be careful with their moves and they should never fear to be who they are. He said People will always talk but if they live for their approval they will die from their rejection.

“Fame and money is vanity. Chasing the two is just the same as chasing after wind or running after the air because soon you might get tired and frustrated”, he said.

He has promised his fans to expect him to still represent Christ to the fullest and he appreciated those who showed him love and support since day one.

And now that he has cleared all the dirty people threw to him, I also have rest my case.





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