The urban music group Proud made their mark in the local industry when they released their video for the song Benzo mid last year. The crew received massive props from a number of viewers on the effort they put in to produce an awesome video being a crew that is self funded & not signed under any label.

The singer & rapper are now back at it with their second official video “Mrabolova” which will be released on the 22nd of February. Directed by Ben Bei who also happens to be the director who worked on their previous video.

proud and wongie mrabolova video

The crew was silent for most of last year after the release of the Benzo video having only released one single after it till now, which is Mrabolova, whose video is about to drop. People began to wonder what was causing the silence.

Speaking in an interview, Spyral and Solo Maze made it known that they had to take a bit of time out to put all arrangements & new strategies in place and that this year will be way different and people should expect a lot of singles & videos from the urban outfit.


mecury mrabolova video

Asked if they have any long projects in their plans the crew stated that they don’t plan on releasing any long projects in the near months but they have an EP titled “Kweza Voliyumu” in their plans, and will speak more on it once they begin working on the project.

wongie mrabolova video

Back to the main concern which is the Mrabolova video dropping this month on the 22nd. Mrabolova is a made up word taken from the phrase “Rub All Over” in the sense that if someone throws dirt at you just receive it and rub it all over yourself showing the person throwing it that you don’t care and won’t let it change your joyful way of living. That’s basically what the song talks about.

The audio was produced by Tricky Beats & Sticky Stacks. Video directed by Ben Bei.

prianka mrabolova video

Check out the song below as we wait for the video to drop.

Download Mrabolova here

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