Veteran rapper known by his stage name young kay has reportedly been shunning away from shooting music videos of which he was featured in their audio versions.

The legendary rapper who dropped a killer verse in just released Dj Sley`s we run the city seems not to be comfortable in as far as the news of standing in front of the camera is concerned.

The last time mfumu ya madolo appeared in his own video was in Anankabango music video a couple years ago, and since then he hardly showed no interest of coming up with his other music video.

continues to ignore videos - young kay
continues to ignore videos – young kay

Just last year in December, a Blantyre based rapper “Heptik” released a song titled Zisakuwawe which features reggae artist Saint and of course the rapper in concern Young Kay.

After the audio, Heptik thought it was wise to push it further by shooting a video for it.

The video dropped yesterday but surprisingly Young Kay`s verse has been replaced by Macelba

Well, it is in its nature that people expect to see the faces of the very same people they first heard in the audio.

In this case then, it means something must have gone wrong, or should it be concluded that it is how the owner Heptik planned it to be like??? One would think.

A chat with Heptik proved that it was not in his plans to leave Young Kay out of the video. He said he did everything he could have done to shoot the video with Kay but all his effort went in vain.

According to Heptik, Kay was told about the plans of shooting a video but he ignored through unanswered calls and “busy” excuses the rapper was always giving.

i called young kay for several times but he could not answer - Heptik
i called young kay for several times but he could not answer – Heptik

“I called Young Kay for several times to remind him about the plans of shooting the video but he wasn’t picking up my calls,” he said.

Don’t think that Heptik`s number was  strange to Kay and maybe that is why he wasn’t picking up his calls. No.

Heptik revealed himself that he is friends with Yong Kay, he didn’t know what kept him busy to the extent that he could not answer his desperate calls.

He said, “Me and him are friends, but this time he treated me as a total stranger because that is not how friends treat each other.

“When I first approached him about the audio he was okay with the news and it was a nice recording session.

“He was punctual, he didn’t even demand any penny for his feature in my song,” He said.

Moves like these are likely to affect the hype of the song since the fun base expect to see people whom they heard first in the audio version and considering the fact that Macelba and Young Kay are two different artists with different fun base.

But to Heptik, this will not matter as he considers Macelba as a good artist with potential to build the song`s hype even more.

“The video is just good with or without Young Kay. Macelba is a good artist too so the replacement will not matter,” he said.

Previously, Young Kay avoided to take part in Blaze`s Nzakufunsira Chibale video shoot. The audio had Blaze, Gwamba and Young Kay himself but after he showed no interest of being in the video, Blaze`s manager decided to replace him with Mwanache.

it took fred`s effort to convince hyphen for zausilu vid
it took fred`s effort to convince hyphen for zausilu vid


Unconfirmed reports also indicate that it took Fredokiss`s effort to force Young Kay to show up in Zausilu remix video as he was playing hard to get. Through God`s mercy, Young Kay later was convinced and showed up on the day of shooting. The video also had Martse in it.

The reason is not yet known as to why Mfumu Ya Madolo treats fellow players in the game in that harsh way.

But without spitting many words, Young Kay is one of the legends in the game and will always be a dolo as he regards himself as.

Meanwhile, Heptic has urged fellow upcoming rappers not to force themselves into trying to work with big artists but to believe in themselves and their work.

“Its high time a lot of artists need to be independent. They should have self confidence in their work because working with big names is good for artists who already have names too and not an artist who is still on the growth stage,” he said.



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