Proud, the music duo which comprises of two artists, Spyral and Solo Maze is set to release music video for the hot song Mrabolova that happened to be released in the hot month too, august last year.

The song`s title is controversial itself to the point that many do not know what it means and in what language is the song`s tittle.

Well, Mrabolova is a made up word from the phrase “Rub All Over”


The concept of the song is just simple despite the title being tendentious.

It talks of rubbing off the dirty people throws at you; that it’s just nothing to stop you from enjoying your life and handling your business since people will always be there to spot your wrongs.

“The song talks about rubbing the dirt people throw at your clothes, which is a gesture showing that no matter how they try to bring you down, you will stay happy and well,” commented Proud.

This is one of those songs that would make you stress free and wipe off your frustration.

Mrobolova is the second video from Proud following Benzo which its video was released in 2016 march and received airplay from most local television channels in Malawi.

The video was directed and shot by Ben Bei around Blanytre town and also in Ndirande, Sunnyside and Mandala.


According to Proud, the new video will help to build more fun base for Proud and help to create a way for other projects that the duo has in plan.

“We have plans to release new songs and other videos this year, so this video will help to pave way for those projects and place us at the center of mainstream in the industry,” added the Proud.


Proud started off their musical journey is 2015 with single, Thyola and later pushed further by releasing audio for “Benzo” as well as its video.

Spyral, real name Kennedy Mwenya handles his role as a rapper in the group while Solo Maze, real name Solomon Mazengera handles the hooks and choruses with his soft voice.

Proud promises an Ep to drop soon that all their fans out there should be looking forward to hearing it.

watch the video below



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