Kelvin Sings came into the limelight after winning that car prize in E-wallet talent show competition in 2016.

The singer really had the potential with his soft voice despite the competition being turf as fellow competitors also had what it could take to have won that Nissan Tiida.

But since there is always one winner in every competition, Kelvin emerged the lucky person.

Everybody knows that when the fire starts, there`s a need to accelerate it further by putting in more firewood because otherwise it gets off.

That is exactly what Kelvin did as he released another song titled “Zomwe Mkazi Amasowa” just after winning the E-wallet talent show competition.


The single boosted his name furthermore to the extent that other artists spotted his talent and he was mostly called to do hooks for several known artists.

He worked with Young Kay, Barry One and was also called on Tsa Leo`s Nane Remix, just to mention a few features the singer was seen on.

Now that 2017 has just started with only a month down, every artist seems to be busy starting off the year with at least a new single.


Kelvin Sings is also among those as he has just dropped “Tingotengana” today.

Tingotengana is a love song which features a Lilongwe based artist, Janta.

The message in the song is just easy to capture in the way that it relates to real life situations that do happen every day.

Kelvin himself narrates it.

“It talks about a guy and a lady who have known each other for a long time and happened to like one another, but none of the two ever had confidence to reveal their feelings.

“So this time, the guy himself has had enough of the hiding games to the point that he has attempted to tell the girl what has been in his mind ever since.” Kelvin said.

According to him, the concept was generated by his friend who also underwent the same situation.

“I was in Lilongwe for a show with Black Missionaries. One friend of mine was their too and luckily the girl whom he had been hesitating to propose love to was their also.

“So on this day, my friend gathered his courage and went straight to talk to the girl about his feelings on her. That connected with the concept I had from way back and next morning I called Janta for a session and it worked.” Said Kelvin.

the song will take me to further steps – Kelvin Sings

The singer expects this song to take him to further steps since he has outlined that he will give it a full promotion it needs so that it paves way for other projects to come.

The video plans the singer has, will really help to boost the hype now that music videos are in fashion and the country has been blessed with so many local television stations.

Kelvin Sings is under a label known as Echelon Music and he testified that it’s through the label where he now sees his huge potential in the music industry.

Sit back and relax as your ears get mesmerized with the new song Tingotengana.

Download the song by clicking here: Tingotengana by Kelvin Sings ft Janta


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