It’s not a question  of trying to tear people apart but rather appreciating the fact that in every crew, there is that one soldier who always make sure the crew`s flag stay up all the time.

The music industry knows and respects the Pasanje brothers as among rappers who are considered as legends in the hip-hop game.

These guys launched their music career many years ago before hip hop was dissolved.

They rose to fame in times of Jolly Bro whom most people knows as JB, the beef addict.

JB`s song Khalapansi which was everywhere made every ghetto youth to fall in love with the daredevils and start following the brothers.

Of course they had other songs before JB`s Khalapansi and not forgetting their mixtape “Welcome to the Dark Side” but those weren’t popular in streets as Khalapansi was.

They were later heard with the likes of Fredokiss and JB in songs like, Akazi, Kuthetsa Kunyoza, Akazi aku Blantyre, just to mention a few.

These joints and a few others helped the Deredevils to build their mainstream fan base.

With change of time, Malawi saw Daredevils fully diverted from hard beats they used to ride on, to mainstream beats that works even in weddings.

The change should therefore not be blamed as it is advisable to move with time.

The daredevils – Gd and Marques


The only change which is questionable is Marques`s participation in Daredevils. For the past two or three years Marques hasn’t been fully active and fully representing daredevils.

Perhaps that contributed to the silence of the daredevils over a year or two years ago.

The silence created space for other rappers who came and took over the game like nobody`s business.

The likes of Gwamba, and many others took over the hip-hop game and changed it.  Of course those weren’t much popular in times of JB, but big up to Fredokiss for making sure his flag was still raised even up to date.

Now everyone can agree with the fact that this game is like a woman who is not settled with one man but still runs to other men who seem to be pushing their way up.

Despite all these changes, GD who seems to be the soldier was still trying not to let the Daredevils flag completely on the ground even when other artists seemed to have had the game in their hands.

The fun base have witnessed a couple of songs in which GD was alone but still representing daredevils as a crew and other songs in which Marques only did one verse and the rest thrown to GD.

Just not long ago after the daredevils adapted the mainstream, the crew made a love tune “Only Love” which delivered a love message.

Everyone recalls Gd spat a line that went like, “forget the beef daredevils got love too”

That was actually accepting the fact that the game had changed from style it had before to a new changed style of hip hop.

Later, the daredevils made a track titled “Close to You” which was also a song with a love message and the fan base disassociated the daredevils from beef songs completely.

After “Close to you,” Marques was rarely seen participating in daredevils singles.

Could this be because the crew had adapted the change in the industry which most artists were using soft beats just to make a hit track and Marques was not comfortable with this? Nobody knows.

still keeping the crew`s morale alive – GD


Gd later embarked on one soldier journey and released “Love is in The Air”. The song was soft and it made noise and still represented the daredevils.

Of course Marques did not take a role in the song but still it helped the crew to maintain their name.

Mukuti Cha? Came out when most of the rappers had considered themselves as they were in full control of the game.

That could be why daredevils had to show up with “Mukuti Cha

The song was a hit too despite Marques further revealing his participation weakness as he only did one verse yet the song had carried 3 solid verses.

Should people suggest he had no enough lyrics to have covered the last few bars he was supposed to spit? Nobody knows too.

It is true that it’s not the question of how many verses each one of them should have contributed in the song to regard it as a song belonging to two of them as a crew.

But at least he was supposed to have dropped equal bars with Gd since he had reportedly been shunning away from those previous songs which Gd did alone. Just a thought.

He also dodged “Chikondi Chikangoyamba” which Gd featured his cousin Zeze and it made noise too after its release.

Anyway, maybe Marques was busy with his duties at Joy Fm when Gd had spared his time to record the hit song with Zeze? Nobody knows again.

Time passed without daredevils releasing another song and people lost faith in their beloved crew thinking that was their end.

Its 2017 where every artist is busy starting off the year with a brand-new track and just as it was announced that the Daredevils were resurfacing with another song; people waited.

Surprisingly, just 2 weeks ago the track came out and Gd was alone in this track again when everyone expected to hear both of them as daredevils on this new joint, No Devils.

The big question the daredevil fan base has is that, has Marques gave up on the daredevil swag or he has just forgotten his fan base for a minute?

Malawi music team hopes to link up with Marques to hear his side of the story.





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