2016 has been a year of blessings especially to these two crews both comprising of twins, W-Twice and Twin-M as they made noise through a few singles they dropped within the just ended year.

Despite that the two crews are into different genres, they still seem to have the same type of fan base since their songs are mostly played in most similar functions like in weddings and in Zinkhoswe, just to mention a few.

Ma Twin


They made it to fame which wasn’t easy and nobody would argue on the fact that they also underwent hardships and other sort of drawbacks considering how other artists are struggling to make a name in the music industry.

These two crews seem to be on a competition in as far as making hit songs is concerned.

The crew, W-Twice has a hit single “Wadutsa Pompa” that features Nepman. It came out last year and made uncontrollable noise up to the extent of attracting a remix which is also currently making noise.

The same applies to Twin-M who also made a hit song titled “Pasa Ine“.

It also had a huge morale that was later boosted by another hit song from them called “Single” which features Black Nina.

Looking into all this, one would not deny that there is some sort of a competition between them.

Well, this article will give you the chance to know more about these two crews, W-Twice and Twin-M, and struggles they have passed through just to be on the level they are today.

W- Twice
W- Twice

Born from Mr. and Mr.’s Chimombo, W-Twice, real names Willard and Wilson started doing music in 2009.

Since then, they have been releasing songs which weren’t popular until in 2013 when they made their first popular song “Chekecheke Thwa” which featured Mr. P.

The Blantyre based crew which comes from Ndirande Township says they grew up listening to music and their journey in music was inspired by different artists including the Village Champion singer Dan Lu.

“That time we used to watch the then popular music show on TV, Music Splash,” they said.

Apart from doing music, they are students and they have wrote the just ended Malawi School Certificate of Education Exams and expects to enroll college very soon.

As part of hustle, Willard and Wilson Chimombo run a grocery in their neighborhood.

After being asked to compare or differentiate themselves from Twin-M, they said: “Twin-M are singers and we are rappers so we cannot be compared from each other.”

Lastly, they had to talk about the future ahead of them which they disclosed that its looking bright since more achievements are to come.

“We can see a big achievement in the music industry since we are able to differentiate ourselves from where we were and where we are now. The future is crystal clear; we can see ourselves somewhere in the next 2 years”.

twin m


Born as Aaron and Andrew Masauli, Twin-M used to sing in the church choir in 2004 before they started doing their own songs.

They made their first album called “Chimwemwe” but unfortunately it never took them anywhere so they decided to quit and went back to sing in their church choir in their home village Nkhotakota.

Whilst there, many people used to motivate them saying they can still do better on their own; that is when they went to Blantyre and luckily they got a deal with “Too Fresh” who started to promote their music.

The future started looking bright when they made their first hit song “Pasa Ine” under “Too Fresh”.

Twin-M revealed that they have faced so many challenges and some are still there even now.

“We have ever performed at shows without being paid and ended up walking on foot going back home from a show which we were supposed to be paid”, they said.

Aaron and Andrew are still doing their secondary education.

They stay in Blantyre, Baluti around Stella Maris secondary school.

They said they do not differentiate themselves with W-Twice since they are all musicians.

“We cannot differentiate ourselves from W-Twice because we are all music artists and they say music is message,” they said.

As the competition of making hit songs is underway, Twin-M will soon release another song titled “Ndidzingodyabe” following the release of “Chiphwanya” by W-Twice a few weeks ago which features Zambian`s Chimzy Kelly.

Expect more from these two crews, W-Twice and Twin-M in 2017.

This is just the beginning.

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