Jazmin is a female RnB artist based in Blantyre.

Her name might be not in people’s knowledge and she may be new in the music industry but according to a few songs she has released so far, one would tell with no doubts that Jazmin is the next big name in the Malawian Music industry.

Her love for music developed many years ago when she was still young as she used to do it as a hobby but later it turned into a career.

She used to listen to some of the respected RnB artists on the planet like, Tony Braxton, Céline Dion, the late Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and etc.

One would find the above listed artists all in Jazmin despite her name being new in the industry.

Since Jazmin started seriously recording, she has managed to release 3 songs which are not just ordinary songs but instead they would be called “well cemented” songs according to the talent displayed on the songs and the messages the songs carry.

The three songs include, Malawi, You Are the One and the newly released My Heart Lied.

According to Jazmin, these songs will be put in her yet to be released album.

She is currently working on her album at Low Budget records with GD.

She hasn’t revealed the name of the album yet.


My Heart Lied is among the songs to be featured in her album.

In the song she talks about how her heart told her good & only good things about a certain man which later turned to be wrong, hence she blames her heart for lying to her.

Its a smooth RnB sound with a message most can relate with.

The video was shot and directed by Picture Perfect.

Watch the video below:

Download both the audio and the video here

Watch her other two videos below:

You Are The One



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