Blessing Christian has appeared with a head banging song “Follow My Pace” produced by well known  Lilongwe based producer Eril.

Born on 22nd Oct 1988 B$C also reputed as Blessing Christian was born and did her studies in India. Her name implies the fact that she has some gospel roots. She initially started doing music at the age of 12 at a local church consequently B$C was thoroughly absorbed into dancehall and pop music. Painting the other wall of the story B$C was motivated by her parents who are also songbirds.

Truth be told that this country needs female artists like her. To be exact her flows are flawless one can not believe that it is her first single. Of course the song is full of innuendo but it is nice. Pundits have also expressed that the artist will take the industry by storm due to the way she spins words. Follow my pace is an up tempo song which will infiltrate in most clubs across the nation. Besides that
she has proven her gravity by working with a talented producer Eril who has also done a great job in mixing the song.

The independent artist said that Follow My Pace is her debut single but she is on the sharp edge of releasing a string of hits as well as an album. Despite being an artist B$C is also a reputable model in Malawi and has also starred in hit videos like She Never Worry by Blasto ft D1 and the legendary Buffalo Souljah (Zimbabwe) – My Lady.

Download Follow My Pace Here

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