The Daredevilz

Welcome to the Darkside, The 15 track mixtape with a skit and a public announcement as an introduction was released between 2006 and 2009 by two brothers Graiton and Marcus Pasanje from the duo Daredevilz.

The Daredevilz

Despite that between the said years, most people were not familiar with accessing music online, the mixtape managed to make the duo popular such that they gained a huge fan base and even inspired some youths into doing music.

Graiton Pasanje a.k.a GD

Since its release up to date, the mixtape has always been considered as one of a few realest projects ever had been put out in Malawi in as far as urban music is concerned.

Marcus Pasanje

Recorded and mastered by the Deredevilz at their studio “Low Budget”, the tape features other Malawian artists which include Renegade, Siddo, Young Kay, Lil One and Word.

Below is the track list of the Mixtape

  1. Public Announcement (Intro)
  2. Pass the Drink ft Young Kay
  3. I Don’t Play that Shit
  4. Sexy Girl
  5. Bitch ft Siddo
  6. Talk Dirty
  7. Name Change (Hustle & Flow Skit)
  8. Me
  9. I Rap Nice ft Lil One
  10. Clap Em
  11. What You Want ft Renegade
  12. Sticks in a Box
  13. Journey of a Thousands Miles ft Word
  14. 24-7-365
  15. Change Your Heart

Stream and Download the whole Mixtape here >>>

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