After coming in with the song that caused controversy in the music scenes “Legends never die” , the duo that irked the controversy of who is better between Old cup rappers and New school rappers, Bossaro Music Group comprising of Iceberg and cyclone have finally spoken out on the debates that are trending on the social media.

When speaking with Malawi music in an exclusive interview on of the duo Iceberg said it’s a surprise to him that people are using the song to spark beef between the new cup and old school ” I’ve heard those rumors and I’m yet to understand why people are pushing for that beef and using Legends Never Die as an example. Barry One on verse 2 says “Don’t get it twisted, new school is not the problem, you boys bragging and barking are the problem”. There is no “hate of new school” . At BMG we are against any whack attempts at hip hop whether you are old school or new school and we respect anyone who can spit whether they are old school or new school. But if any individual or group of individuals feel like dissing us and if it’s worth my time we were born ready with bars” he said.

Bossaro Ice: A reminder to the nation of how skilful we are. Pioneers! Legends! No matter who comes and goes no one can ever take that from us.

However the artist also added that bossaro Music Group came to alert all the rappers to raise their A-game ” To be honest Legends Never Never Die doesn’t target anyone in particular. It was something for the entire rap game. We want Malawian hip hop to progress so we decided to raise the bar. We want everyone to step up and give us great rap verses and songs. So if anyone is offended by the song I think that means that person realizes they are not on our level and needs to step up. As the saying goes “if the shoe fits, wear it” he revealed.

Furthermore partner to Iceberg , Cyclone said legends never die is just like any other song and people arent supposed to catch feelings over it “Legends never die wasn’t targeting anyone but still some people seem to have caught feelings. Somehow I think its not much about the song, they are just scared of competition because BMG is coming in strong” he added.

Bossaro Cyclone: We are ready to work with all people, those who classify themselves as old or new school, our aim is to push the industry

Still when contacted for quick response veteran musician also a celebrated television show Host Blakjak has called off beef rumours saying in Malawi artists use beef to gain  public symphathy and attention “There has never been Any diss in Malawi maybe save for Lomwe Vs Tay. The rest of these artists are just trying to use beef as excuse for their failed Careers or to try and push records. Far as am concerned, there’s no beef” he said.

BlakJak: it’s Stupid for people to always assume that! It was just about time we had to make music together and the only befitting title was “Legends Never Die”.

Legends never die song is believed to be the song that caused fury among the new artists and they went ahead to call old school artists irrelevant in the industry. Among so many artists that showed anger with the old school musicians are Excess, Toast, just to name a few.


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