Just when every malawian artist is busy dropping and making good music for the fans, early this week the internet has witness the birth of Jhemar , an upcoming artist that  already sent shock waves after  dropping  a joint that features Bucci and Phyzix.

The song currently trending on the social  media’s has seen Jhemar, Bucci and Phyzix praise God for the good things the Lord does for them as by the song title “No one curses”. “Me I feel blessed me am awesome/ me I got skill/ me am bossy/ you have never seen this before/ how I jump to the skies and reach for the groly” raps Jhemar in the first verse, Bucci adds his magical vocals as his delivery blended well with the beat that gave a good taste to the chorus and the rest song.

 Raise your bars and be unique and also follow the right crowd and have the right team and the lord will surely bless

‘What God blessed /no man can curse/ what God has blessed / no one can curse” bucci sings. Jhemar real name Alex Nampuntha who is also in a Rap group called minor Insticts with Rae. However, in an interview the artist has promised to bring good music

They should expect a whole lot of jaw dropping bars, lyrics and nice songs because I have an EP coming out soon and a couple of videos along the way

Verse three  of the song has phyzix also known as Captain Bae as also he did not not bit words on praised the Lord ” dzina langa is new one favour madaliso blessings/ I work with with pride coz I know am blessed” raps the legendary rap icon phyzix real name Noel Chikoleka.

You can download and Listen to the song by following link here: http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=7156

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