It could be soon or later but this name ‘Jay Kay’ will have a spot in the Malawi music industry because the owner of this name is having sleepless nights trying to come up with something moral and respective to his fans. In the recent times Mangochi Cape Maclear has never exported a product like this, an afro pop artist who puts much of his effort on his music.

Previously before his recent project he surfaced up with a banger which had instant airplays in different radio stations across the country ‘Dziwanda’. The song in which Jay Kay was asking for the Almighty favours to deriver him out of the grimy life of drinking beer, gossiping and prostitution crying to God that the demons that he has are operating unscrupulously in his entire life explaining he cannot stay loyal ending up being single and residual in the society.

“I decided to compose a song advising the youth on how Sexual Transmitted Infections can ruin their life”

“Sikuti sindiziwa kukonda koma ziwanda zinanditembelela ine, mundichosele mtima wakaduka ndi nsanje ambuye wanga mundichosele ziwanda”, Jay Kay pleaded for deliverance in all corners of his life.

Putting that aside, he has just featured Lady Jay one of the talented ladies who could rap like a man in his recent project ‘Tipewe’.

In this song Jay Kay polishing up his identity of coming up with ethical music he is counselling the fellow youth to take care of their lives in abstaining appreciating that life is precious than gold or money once it is gone there is no means to get it back.

“People should expect more hot educative jams as I will be releasing an album next year January with tittle Akoma Akagonela”

“Moyo wako ulimmanja mwako usamakhale ngati winawake anakusungisa, Kunjakuno kuli matenda osafela dzina lakunjoya Tipewe Phukusi lamoyo umasunga wekha”, Jay Kay singing advices in Tipewe.

You can Stream & download Tipewe feat Lady Jay by following this link >>

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