A south African based Malawian artist known as Young Man who also recorded three albums of which first two are in offin, third one NINGADLI in Zulu language was released online and sold over 400 hard copies only in South Africa, has spoken of his new song Hossana currently available for downloads. When speaking with Malawi Music YoungMan whose real name is Christus Bandah explained that his new single talks about the second coming of Jesus  Christ “It’s all about about welcoming the second coming of our Lord Jesus. Reminding believers and non believers that Messiah is coming back” Said Youngman.

It’s all about about welcoming the second coming of our Lord Jesus

However the artist further explained that his music will stand on the competitive scenes, according to him he describes his music as original  differentiating from  many songs in the mainstream “Am a so simple person,am no in competition with anyone. I do things in my own way that music lovers loves this style my fans must expect life bringing and inspiring songs,whether about love,spiritual and bringing man kind together.Those in pains will get relief” he explained.

People should expect life bringing and inspiring songs

Youngman  was born on 01-01-1983 in Thyolo, Malawi and is currently residing in RSA.Youngman “Christus Bandah” grew up with his music passion that he discovered at early age of 15.He used to go to quiet mountains alone where he will hear great anonymous group of voices singing and praising,he will write down all songs he hears. In 2001 he left Thyolo district for Blantyre City where he met Pastor James Masamba of God’s Revival Church who become his spiritual guidance in life. With all his hard working in Christ he was appointed as church secretary general. He did door to door evangelism and many soul where saved even some people mistakenly calling him a pastor due to his Gospel preaching

Hossana is available for downloads via link http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=8554

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