From lyrical content to delivery, Di Elite are a formidable force to recogn with.

Di Elite Music is set up as talent management and dancehall crew.

Malawi has over the years seen artists claiming to be the best but have devastating Jamaican patois and play on pasada beats masquerading as dancehall giants. Not any more.

Who are the Di Elite

Di Elite is a Dancehall crew of four members comprising of brothers, Ishan Cyapital, TEEBZ and JEELZ as well as Desert Eagle.

First starting out as brothers, the group decided to bring on board another member with extra skills resulting in Desert Eagle joining..

One of the members, JEELZ says “The inclusion of Desert Eagle was perfect because we have known him for a long and he is conversant in making beats which we thought would be a good element in the crew.”

JEELZ says “The concept behind the name Di Elite comes from the word Elite; different from the rest, persons of the highest class.”

According to JEELZ, they will thrive on being different from the rest.

“The Elite are better than the rest.” He says with pomp.

“Absolutely different type of dancehall from the others. The type of nice dancehall music that is internationally recognized.”

JEELZ says what brought the crew together is the love for nice dancehall and that is what they stand for.

“The type of dancehall we do here in Malawi is substandard to be honest. You can not compare the dancehall we guys (Di Elite) are doing this the rest of Malawi. Ours stuff is different, unique, its elite.”

“It’s of international stature. It’s good music.”

Di Elite are planning on putting out an Extended Play (EP) this year.

There also independent albums that will be released under the Di Elite Music.

JEELZ discloses his album will drop this year.

The creative process of Di Elite starts with Desert Eagle who makes most of the beats and JEELZ doing most of the hooks “But all the members can do hooks.”

“Usually it starts with the beats which we go through as a crew and ideas just start flowing.”

“All of us are deeply conversant with dancehall so it’s easy for us to do songs.”

Their songs back them up.

‘Super Mami’ is a serenade to all the women for bravity and fearsome spirit for their children.

The Big Vision Entertainment and Judgment Yard produced song is an example of how versatile and internationally inclined the crews type of music is.

Di Elite’s ‘Ineyo’ is another song which they have done, making rounds on various television stations for its uniqueness and scintillating visuals.

‘Ineyo’ is a braggadocio dancehall tune.

On Pinya Pinya riddim, JEELZ did ‘Youth across the continent’ which talks about championing youth empowerment, investing in them by giving jobs and not compliments.

Ishan Capital did ‘Bloodsuckers’ and Desert Eagle featured Ipiana on ‘Tseke Tseke’

Di Elite is the dancehall crew to watch out in 2018.

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