After almost 2 years of being silent from music, the multi-talented rapper, singer and producer has released a new single titled “Talk Well” which features Taelo  a Lilongwe based vocalist that is known for her song called “Zonse” featuring Martse which was released last year. YesaYa is among Malawi’s finest urban artists, having performed on the same stages as; Brick and Lace, Sean Kingston, Zahara and more. He is also one of the most sought after producers in Malawi, producing for countless Malawian artists including Lucius Banda, Maskal, Tay Grin, Young Kay and Theo Thomson just to name a few.


When speaking in an interview, Yesaya also known as Big Y said he is planning on releasing more songs this year, “I have been in the studio recording and soon Malawians will understand why I have been silent” he said. Furthermore he added that he was working on perfection. “As a producer I always have many ideas when it comes to music, so I was taking my time to perfect the music I was recording” he said.

The brand new single titled Talk well was released on monday 16 April on and made circles on various local radio stations in the country. According to yesaya the new song talks about how people talk bad about other people and situations, the song is like a plea to them to talk well and always think about how situations turn around.

Yesaya whose real name is yesaya nkhwazi junior is well known for his catchy song melodies and creative wordplay in his song lyrics and has played a major role in Malawian music circles both as an artist and a producer. He is also known for being part of the group called Gypsy that comprised of Boy magic, Theo Thomsom, fly boy and  Big Y. Aside Yesaya released hot songs like Ngati ngelo which features Theo Thomson

You can download “Talk Well” song via link here:


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