Malawi Music Store Team has this week announced that it has raised song purchase prices for buying in local currency. According to a press statement which was made available through social media it says the move has been put in place to reduce the difference in price that is there when buying in local currency and to buying in dollar, the development has been set with immediate effect.

Malawi Music Store Management announced that the prices for purchasing music in local currency has been raised from a Hundred Kwacha (K100) for one single audio to Two Hundred Kwacha (K200) a single audio, And from One Thousand (k1000) an album to Two thousand Kwacha (K2000). The international rates for buying Malawian music still remains at One Dollar ($1) one single and Ten Dollars ($10) for an album.

Malawi Music store offers a platform where music lovers and artists sell and buy music without more hustles. The platform is flexible to use and it accommodates credit cards and mobile money transfers.

You can visit the shop anytime as it offers 24/7 services and make your purchases here:

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