Born in a family of 7 kids, Steve Kalumbamoyo originates from Kawale, Lilongwe. Singing has always been his interest and carrier since he was young. He used to sing using some tins and sticks. Steve is a dedicated member of Anglican Church and sings in a lot of choirs at church. Sung in a group known as Anglican Trampetars in early 90s.

In 1998, he joined Step Ahead Bands and has been in Biwi Anglican youth and Praise team since 2000 until 2005. The same year (2005), he released his first album called Musadenkhawa which he sold the copies only at his church because of monetary problems. From there, he relocated to South Africa and released his second album which has 13 songs in it. He recorded the whole album in Malawi of which 12 of the songs he did at Shalom studio with Francis Chimasula and one song called “Ndimafunitsitsa” at Annointed studio by Norman Phiri.

He so far has 2 songs Alleluya and Mtima Wanga uli wefuwefu available for free download on off the new album. Mtima wanga uli wefuwefu song talks about our heart breaks looking for Jesus. In addition, Alleluya song talks about what God does to us. Currently, he is working on an album titled “Ndizotheka” which he plans to drop it later this year

Checkout his 2 songs on the links below:

Alleluyah –

Mtima wanga uli wefuwefu –

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