After Zathu Pa Wailesi season 3 came to an end just last month, the drama’s motive seems to be on the right track in as far as inspiring and helping the youths change their lives in a positive way is concerned.

According to Zathu public relations officer, Zilanie Gondwe, the Zathu Pa Wailesi radio drama series has helped to inspire young people through stories and advises being shared in the radio drama.

Gondwe said this has been noted through overwhelming feedback they have been receiving.

“Behaviour change and social impact takes a long time, but the feedback we are receiving shows the characters are inspiring many.

“They have shared stories of Anette’s’ self-motivation to start her business and get education. They have talked of the strength shown by Mphatso when she returned to school after becoming a teen mum. They send many difficult questions to Gogo about puberty and life in general,” she said.

In season 3 which ended just last month, the show made farewell to one of its passionate characters, Annetti who has played the role of a brave girl from season one.

Annetti has achieved a lot of things with the encouragement of her friends until she finally got back to school, started a successful business and became a role model to other street kids.

She now heads back home in Mzuzu where she has found her family and wants to go and be with them as she continues pursuing her dreams and vision to become even more successful in life.

The new season will return soon.

The drama series are aired on the country’s three national radio stations MBC Radio 1 and 2, Zodiak Broadcasting Station and other community radio stations.

You can stream and download Zathu Pa Wailesi season 3 here

You can also watch their recent released video “Chinzathu Ichichi” below

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