It’s hardly ever to see artists creating their own genres but Mzimba based artist Cassim Ibrahim has made it to generate his own type of music of which he calls it “Strongingo”.  Strongingo is a fusion of Afro-soul music with some urban genres and Cassim’s style of trying to build his own genre is getting more attention from a lot music lovers. If you can relate, in his “I Konda You” song released afew days ago, there’s broken English as it happens when kids are communicating and Cassim Ibrahim has managed to facsimile that idea and spice it up just to bring a variety of love.

Cassim Ibrahim is a Malawian singer, composer and songwriter. His music career started while he was 8 years old, born on February 10, 1992 and he is the last born in a family of four. He hails from Kamsombeni Village, T/A Mzukubola in Mzimba district and was raised by a single parent

He so far has a mixtape package of 14 singles available on released last year in December and is also planning to release an album soon. With no doubt, people should expect more mature & real music and videos of Strongingo style

You can sampleI konda You a first release both Audio & video of Strongingo music genre from Cassim Ibrahim on the links below:

Audio —->>

Video —->>

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