As part of ministering the word of God to others, gospel singer Father Kafunsa who also serves as a catholic priest has released a new song “Size Yakana”.

Size Yakana is a song which depicts images of some kind of people who only pray expecting to see miracles forgetting that they themselves have a role also to put in physical effort if they really want that thing to happen.

Speaking to this publication, Father Kafunsa, a priest at St Vincent De Paul at Mwangata Catholic parish in Mpemba said it is sad that these days’ people trust men of God so much that they even forget to push hard over something they want to happen expecting a miracle will just come from nowhere.

“Some men of God are lying to believers so much these days. You would find a pastor telling a university student to be fasting all the way through in order to pass exams instead of advising that student to also study hard knowing hard work pays. So when that situation comes in, we say “Size Yakana” because God cannot grant a good thing to a lazy person,” said Father Kafunsa adding that he is however not discouraging people from praying but helping them to know their limits to other things.

Kafusa said the concept came after seeing a friend who was busy going through different prophets to seek miracles but at the end it happened that he did not find what he was hoping for.

The song features another artist by the name Caesar who according to Father Kafunsa is a talented young fella from their parish band which has just been established recently.

“Caesar is a boy with a golden voice and he also has a vision. In the past, he has done some songs and one which he featured Nepman titled “No Love”, the priest said.

Asked how he balance his priest hood business and music, the priest said, “These two don’t go in conflict. In fact I make my songs mostly from my sermons also.”

Meanwhile, the singer has promised an album to be released in the year coming ahead and also the video for the recently released song.

“I’m releasing an album next year. All songs are ready for the CD and we will continue preaching and entraining through music, “he added.


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