Despite his name being nominated in four categories, Fredokiss has rebuffed the upcoming UMP Awards by telling his fans not to vote for him but rather give their votes to new and up-coming artists who have done a lot and showed effort this year as a way of promoting them.

This was stated on his Facebook page, yesterday morning – where he also mentioned some of the artists that he thinks they deserve to get the awards.

Rapper Feredokiss

“For UMP Awards, I request that please don’t vote for me. There are so many Upcoming artists who have done a great Job this year like Wikise, Seven O More, Toast, Eli and many others. Please please instead of voting for me, vote for one of these, thank you for nominating me in 4 categories and for always showing me Love but Zinthuzi tizigawana. Others should be awarded too.” the post read.

However, some people have supported Fredokiss’s move while some have disputed saying that Fredo should have announced that earlier on just after his name had appeared in the nominated categories and not now when its only a day to go.

Tchili Alindiamao commented, “Mr fredokiss kaluwa thanks for that decision but I would like to say that next time muzanene izizi before nomination so that people will not nominate u….apapa mwapangisa kut winawake akanapangidwa nawo nominate asapangidwe…zoona mumakwana kma apapa konzani.”

Also Daniel MW Katsilizeni wrote, “Why saying this today? Coz some already vote ….munakanena kale kale izi …ma nomination asanayambe or voting.”

One of those that supported Fredokiss’ s decision was a fellow rapper, Mwiza Chavura who commented, “ that’s the spirit, even UMP need to start seeing this, they are losing value cause they just repeat the same names, there are a lot of other things a human can do in life and Fredokiss realize that.”

Meanwhile the debate on the matter is still on going on social media as the event is to take place tomorrow at Robins park in Blantyre.

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