As a way of remembering John Chilembwe, Bossaro Ice has announced that he will release a new tune on 15th January – a day at which Malawi commemorate the life and martyrdom of the Reverend who died while fighting for freedom of this country.

This comes a few weeks after the legendary rapper released his banger made for festive season titled Captain December, a song which is still causing pandemonium in most of the country’s top clubs.

As a patriotic citizen of this country, the Bossaro Music Group member has done the song which is titled “Tikule” on regard to this country’s growth over the last half of the century – ice revealed this in an interview with the MalawiMusicTeam on Thursday, 10th January 2019.

“The song which features acoustic artist Malala and Ulemu is basically about my thoughts and feelings regarding Malawi’s growth over the last half century, “said Bossaro.

He said the song is a tear drop crying for citizens of this country that all of us as Malawians we need to come together – hence coming up with the concept “Tiyeni Tikule”.

“Am in shock zinthu mene zikukhalira/ Zaka 53 koma moyo odalira/ Time for naked truth tiyeni tivule/ majority in the booth tiyeni tikule,” raps Bossaro Ice in the song which has been produced by Twin Beats.

The rapper, with looks of a real gentleman also reminded his fans about the solo album called 13/31 which he earlier announced when he released Captain December last month.

This time, he enlightened more on the Album’s title saying him and his first born daughter shares the same numbers in their ages which is 13 and 31 respectively.

“The album is titled that because me and my daughter shares same digits in our ages, she’s 13 and am 31. 1331 also happens to be an angel.  When one sees angel number 1331, it simply means the angels above are sending you positive energy hence the title,” he explained.

Adding on the album project, the rapper is soon launching a new organization by the name of Deliwe which will work towards getting funding for innovative development projects thought up by young Malawian women.

So basically, ya’ll just have to be on the lookout for more projects from Bossaro Ice as MalawiMusicTeam is prepared to be at your table and feed you with every information you need to know.

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