For a long time now, artists have been using compact discs (CD) when performing live at shows – a development that has been seen as unpleasant as it does a major disservice to the audience and the fans, according to a US professional DJ, DJ VIP who recently shared the benefits of not singing/rapping over your own vocals on stage.

According to DJ VIP whose artist Nipsey Hussle avoids rapping over his already recorded songs on stage, singing/rapping over your songs in CDs/USB Flash spoils the performance in a way that it reaches a point when fans want to have a more holistic experience and it sucks when you keep on singing/rapping over your own vocals through the use of these CDs.

He said at first his artist, Nipsey Hussle was doing a two-track playback until he introduced him to a show-track which involves the use of the artist’s song but with empty verses in which he is supposed to be filling when performing.

American Professional DJ, DJ VIP

“At the time, he was just doing regular two-track playback,” VIP told Revolt.

“That’s when I got him over to show tracks, and that changed the dynamic of the show a lot. Show tracks are basically the song without the verses in there. You just have the instrumental, so that you can really hear the artist.

“He just sounds much more intimate because now, he’s not trying to rap over himself. He’s speaking to the people. Now, he’s not trying to speak over himself, or speak with himself. You just hear what he’s saying clear and concise, “he said.

He continued to say it’s sad that a lot of artists that he sees these days are still doing two-track performance.

“A lot of artists that I still see to this day—not even on TV broadcasts—but, at festivals, are still performing over two tracks. For me, someone who enjoys live shows, it does a major disservice to the audience and the fans when you’re doing that.”

In 2015, Morgan Heritage was slammed after it was discovered that they were using a USB flash drive during their performance at Silver Stadium in Lilongwe.

Morgan Heritage performing in Malawi in 2015 at Silver Stadium

The band came under fire especially on social media due to their performance from a USB drive which annoyed many people who thought the show was going to be live as it was advertised by its organisers.

Leaving that aside, it is quite interesting to know that there have been an increase in a number of artists in the country who have learnt that singing/rapping over your vocals is bad and so they have adapted performing on stage without the use of CDs and etc.





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