Shammah Vocalz has spoken about the viral picture that has recently gone viral on social media which shows him playing his guitar naked while lying on his bed.

In his sentiments, Shammah has said the picture must’ve been taken by one of his friends during a friendly visit at his house and not as previous rumored that he was demanded to play the guitar naked by a woman for failing to sort a K50.000 payment after sex.

“At first I was suspecting my ex-girlfriend as the one who leaked the picture and made up these stories. I asked her and she convinced me it’s not her and her answer made me to suspect my friends as the ones who leaked my naked picture and made up these false stories, “ she told the MFM Team during an interview this morning.

He added, “In fact, i was not completely naked in the picture. I was wearing a boxer but it was covered with the guitar.”

The picture has since gone viral on social media as some groups of people believe the story is true.

So if you did not know the truth, there you have from Shammah himself.

You can watch his recently released video My Zoe below

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