As Zathu’s season four has recently kicked started, a new member identified as TK has been unveiled replacing Annette.

Zathu members welcoming TK

In season 3, the show made farewell to one of its passionate characters, Annetti who played the role of a brave girl from season one.

She headed back home in Mzuzu for her family as she continues pursuing her dreams and vision to become even more successful in life.

Episode 1 off the new season started airing on 7th January in which TK real name Takondwa Jere was introduced.

‘TK the determined’ in this season is a 15-year-old girl facing challenges to enjoy being young and free, according to Zathu’s public relations officer Zilanie Gondwe.

“Abandoned by their father after the death of their mother, TK is the eldest in the child-headed household.

“She takes care of her nine year old sister and eleven old brother’s needs. That’s why TK says ‘always be alert and prepared, you never know when you will face challenges.”

A lot is to be expected in this season as Gogo will surprise lucky listeners by answering their questions face to face.

Also, the presenters CZee and Goxy will be travelling around Malawi meeting listeners and finding inspiring stories from youths.

You can stream and download the previous season 3 here

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