1 He’s quiet in real world and too noisy on social media

2 He don’t take beef seriously

3 People either love him with passion or hate him with passion, nothing in between

4 He has a soft head, he don’t drink more than two bottles of green

5 He loves his country to the extent that he can’t manage staying anywhere else but only in Malawi

6 He don’t value money but love for people

7 He don’t settle down in a relationship: every girl he hang out with turns to be a lesbian at the end

8 He laughs with people that laugh at him that he can’t get out of his parents’ house: He says it hurts but he has no any other option

9 He considers Lawyer Nicely Msowoya and his team of five lawyers as his second Jesus because they helped him during the time he was dragged to court over his “Ndizakupanga Rape” song

10 He only gives out his music online and not to Djs because he feel Djs only love him when he’s doing good and not when he’s in problems

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