Phyzix a.k.a Captain Bae has announced he is to release his seventh studio album mid this year which is titled “Solid”.

Just last year, the rapper joined forces with his counterpart Barry One and managed to release a fourteen track album titled “The Diaries“.

According to Phyzo, the impending album is to see him as a complete matured artist hence naming it “Solid”.

“The album is titled solid because it is solid itself. It has ten solid tracks tackling issues that I have never tackled before. It is lyrically and musically mature, firm and stable,” said the rapper in a recent interview.

“It is for the three dimensions of the mind, body and soul. It has music for the body that can get you on the dance floor, music that will spark your mind and engage you into thinking, and music for the soul that will give you hope and reassurance. That represents solid,”

The legendary rapper said the album has been produced by Daredevils, Tricky Beats, Stich Fray among others.

He said “Solid” is talking about real serious challenges which are being faced by the youths, women and also other issues which has to do with the impending May tripartite elections.

So far, he has released three tracks from the album, Mutipatsa, Kwathu and Never be alone.

We all know Phyzix as a Hip-hop artist but in this album the rapper has assured his fans to expect a mixture of genres and also surprise collaborations.




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