After dropping a masterpiece album in 2018, Zathu Band on Friday released their first single in 2019 which is titled β€œChete Chete”.

According to a statement, the new song talks the importance of openness between boys and girls.

β€œThe motive of the song is to bar people from believing that males look weak when they seek advises from their opposite sex. In the song, a girl is telling a boy that keeping things to yourself without sharing them with friends in a bid to bring solutions bring problems regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl,” wrote Zathu on their facebook page.

Not long ago, the Band made farewell to one of its passionate characters, Annetti who has been replaced by Takondwa Jere (TK) in season 4 which recently started airing.

In the new season, TK plays a role of a 15-year-old girl who is facing challenges to enjoy being young and free due to responsibilities she was imposed to after her father abandoned her and her two other younger siblings following the death of their mother.



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