It seems some people are not ready to uplift local artists by supporting them through buying their music as proved in the latest online survey.

Just a week ago, this publication took to twitter to ask music fans if they would be willing to buy an album at K20,000.00 which any of their favorite local artist has put out.

Despite a few people admitting that they would, a number of other people showed no interest as they described Malawian musicians not deserving that amount of money for an album.

IG: Lungu said, “No, I am afraid to say in Malawi our musicians haven’t reached that level yet.”

MNQOBI also said,”Palibepo angagule album ya20 pin apa.”

But since everybody has the right to choose what to do and what not to do, a few other people seemed to have got love for their local artists as they said they would support their favorite local artists by buying an album at the stated price.

Ben.w said, “I would…a few copies even…Besides the art, I’m into promoting entrepreneurship…so much to win.”  

Also Hun Badger commented, “I would easily pay that amount for a Lawi project.”

As observed, it seems a lot of people are still stingy or lacking behind in as far as the issue of promoting artists to make profits out of their art is concerned.

However, it’s sad to note that the very same people are the ones that laugh at these artists when they are failing to meet the costs of other things that helps a person to survive in his/her day to day life especially in the era of economic crises like this one.

Its high time people get to know that Malawian artists have made it to the point of selling their art in big numbers. 

In 2017, we witnessed Lawi selling only one copy of his album “Sunset in the Sky” at K15 Million; and that was after Hip-Hop gospel artist Gwamba had sold “Jesus Is My Boss” album at K10 Million in 2016.

The likes of Piksy, Suffix and others have been signing major deals with big companies and labels. The country has also witnessed a number of our very own local artists like Hazel Mak being nominated in international awards like All Africa Music Awards (Afrima).

Legendary Lucius Banda, Faith Mussa and many others have proved to the nation that Malawian music has fans all across the world as they have been having international concepts in different countries.  

These are just a few examples that can be given to Malawians in an effort to stop them from undermining their own local artists.

Let’s all change the way we look at these artists and start supporting them NOW!!  

But Malawian music now online in the Malawi Music Store by following this link :

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