One of the country’s Afro-pop musicians, Sir Patricks has today released his first song in 2019, “Tsambalina”.

The artist said in an interview that the new song is a love song.

“Tsambalina is a romantic song and talks about a man who is madly in love with his newly found girlfriend and went on telling his friends that he won’t be staying with them as usual as he has found someone to keep him busy.

“On the other hand, it talks about the beauty of an African woman, her ability to cook nice food and most importantly, her impeccable dressing,” he elaborated.

Patricks said the new song has been produced by J Mass. He added the song is also a tool that he has used to cement love.

“I decided to come up with the concept to encourage love among love-birds by being contented with what they have. It is saddening to note that relationships are ending because those involved are not contented with one another,” he said.

A month ago, Patricks dropped Walola music video – a song which is enjoying massive airplays in local radio stations. Download the new song here

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