On a cold September 7 night, the youthful talented gospel icon Harris Chiwalo proved to his audience who came to witness his Step Two album launch concert at hotel Victoria in Blantyre that a live music concert cannot be downloaded.

The concert, which was well patronized, saw Chiwalo staying the course as he delivered his songs that received a grand welcome.

Chiwalo: Has delivered

During the night of the launch, Chiwalo generally appreciated the fact that the event was well organised and every artist who performed brought their game to the fore.

Chiwalo expressed satisfaction that he delivered the package he kept in store for his audience.

“The concert was great and awesome, it was a sweet experience, we saw God moving from the start to the end,” Chiwalo said.

Chiwalo: Performing

Though Chiwalo had announced earlier that the concert would start around 6 it only started around 7 pm.

Chiwalo started off his performance by playing Ndinu Mulungu a title track of his first album which was released and launched on August 31, 2014 at Robins Park.

Chiwalo: On stage

Chiwalo with the help of Fresh Wind Music Band members played at least nine songs from the Step Two album with one independent song making it a total of eleven songs.

Chiwalo did not only amaze his audience with the  live performance he poured that came from his heart, which had a feeling, energy and emotion from the crowd, he kept something in store.

The endowed singer had a surprise package which involved presentation of certificates and surprising act who recited 60 verses from the head.

“We had a surprise a package for the people, one kid recited 60 verses from the head, he was our surprising artist,” said Chiwalo.

Chiwalo added: “We surprised people with recognition certificates , certificates of appreciation to those who have done tremendous job to me and Malawi Music.”

Sam Banda Jnr: Receiving his certificate at the concert

Some of the people who were awarded with the certificates  were radio personalities, reporters.

The CDs are available at Kanjedza Assemblies of God, HHI heatherwick house, Cynta Saloon in Apolo Arcade Blantyre, and it is going at K5 thousand per copy.

Step Two album launch concert was graced with Jimmy Phiri, Desire Liwo, Atikonda and Blessings Gondwe.

Thanking people who came to witness the big event, Chiwalo said no words can express his gratitude to those who supported him in any way.

“I appreciate you whole hardheartedly. You are part of my life am so grateful. May God reward you,” thanked Chiwalo.

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