One of the country’s urban artists, Stich Fray has revealed the reason why he stopped entertaining his fans with reggae music.

For some years now, fans have been questioning why the ex-Trap Squad member stopped doing reggae music and switched to afro-beats type of music which is mostly being described as soft music.

Addressing the matter on social media on Wednesday afternoon, the artiste set the record straight that he decided not to continue releasing reggae songs due to lack of support from fans when such songs are released.

“I’ve heard your complaint saying that I stopped releasing reggae music. The problem is that, no matter how hard I try to make a good reggae song, u guys don’t support the song, “Stich wrote on his facebook page.

He stressed that the only reggae music that Malawians support is that of Black Missionaries.

“Most Malawians only support reggae music from the Blacks”.

Meanwhile, the “Zoti Ndimakukonda” star said he has decided to try another lack and he’s in the studio making a new reggae song. Check out his music here

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